Gotta Go, Buffalo

Board Book Buffalo

This beautiful board book is relief on the eyes. It’s sooo pretty. Written by Kevin and Haily Meyers, illustrated by Haily Meyers. Who is this Haily? What else has she done? I need to see everything and also decorate my house with her work. That’s how I feel while looking at this. It’s whimsical, playful, beautiful.

The color choices are calming, soothing colors that all go well with each other, in a palette of pastels. The images are playful, decorative, and well-designed. Each page is something I actually want to look at and enjoy. It’s a feast for my hungry, art-starving eyes.


This beautiful book, Mamas, is something you’ll want to look at again and again.

It doesn’t have much of a story, it’s just “Take Care, Polar Bear” etc. but it’s fun and giggle-worthy, and is definitely interesting visually.

Gotta Go, Buffalo!