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So Many Stories!

Bedtime stories create bonds, build character, deepen imaginations, and knit together your love for one another. They're part of the weave of life, and they're wonderful ways to engage with the small child who's captured your heart and soul. Delight them with another story, keep up the snuggles, and keep reading, forever!

Kids LOVE these because they're fun, they have pictures, and they take you on an adventure! How else can you have a birthday with a ramshackle of bears, cut a caterpillar's hair, float to Paris, or travel the world with a cow who makes chocolate milk? The pictures allow for coloring, too, which has been done many-a-time! 

Just look at all of the little books you can read together: 

The Lion Who Wanted A Teddy Bear

Prince Angelo's 6th Birthday With the Bears

Sam, The Billy Goat Barber

The Little Flashlight Who Wished She Was A Star

The Little Balloon Who Went To Paris

- and more! SWEET.

You can find my stories on Etsy and in a few fine retailers in Portland, Oregon, like Piccolina on Woodstock. You can find me on Instagram and through my contact page. 


I also like to draw. 


Can't Stop - Won't Stop 

I have to draw.

Every time I write a new book, I think, "I can't draw this! I don't know how!" Because, really, how do you draw a lion holding a teddy bear? How do you draw a dairy cow with a trophy? I don't know! But I just somehow sit down and do it. And, in doing so, I learned a few things: 

1. Kids love drawings, even silly and imperfect ones. 

2. It's okay to have no idea what you're doing and do it anyways. 

3. When a drawing makes you laugh, you’re in the right direction. 

4. I have to draw, nomatter what. My soul won't let me stop. 

So I've hand illustrated all of these books. Hope you like 'em! 


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