Hi I’m Paige.

I’m an illustrator, a writer, a photographer, a dreamer… and a Mom.

Here’s a little bit about me then, if you’re interested in illustration or photography, please keep reading.

I’m a storyteller. I can tell a yarn anytime, any day. Finally, I’ve started  to record and illustrate my stories to share them with you. I also live in a storybook world sometimes, it feels like, as my imagination is super vivid and always on.

You can find my stories on Amazon, and in my personal Etsy. And if you have a kiddo and would like me to read them a bedtime story, contact me.


When you work with me you get hand-drawn illustrations that incorporate an element of play. They’re imperfectly drawn which gives them character and helps viewers relate to your brand.

I’d like to work with publishers, design agencies, and nice folks like you.

I dream of publishing in magazines like Nickelodeon magazine and Highlights, working with Chronicle Books and seeing my work in Athropologie. I also dream of being on-par and friends with my colleagues in the field like Kelly Rae Roberts, Rachel Rice, and Dina Gonzalez.


Taking photos, for me, is an engagement of art and soul.

I photograph weddings, families and babies. If you’d like to hire me for photography, please go to my Photography contact page and tell me a little more about what you’d like and what your heart wants.

Thanks for checking out my site. Feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.