Hi! I’m Paige.

I’m an illustrator, a writer, a photographer, a dreamer… and a Mom.

I’m also storyteller, and live in a storybook world, as my imagination is super vivid and always on. Stories are a part of who I am, and living in my imagination is… just part of my experience on this planet.

Other things about me:

I love chocolate cake, especially with cold milk.

Coffee is a wonderful thing, and so are cookies.

I’m upping my game in everything.

I like to draw.

I like to take pictures.

I like to write.

I can speak Italian.

I’m in love with motherhood and being a mom to my baby boy, light of my life, reason for being.

If you love coffee, then you might love my other, more prolific and photogenic blog called  Esprit de Coffee. In it, I showcase my travels to far-away coffee shops (in Portland) and their adventures in beverages and baking. So many cookies, so many delicious experiences, so many blog posts. Please, enjoy.