About Miss P

Hi there!

Nice to meet you. I’m an illustrator in Portland, Oregon. I’m also an RN, a soon-to-be-Mama, and an artist/maker/burner/lover-of-life.

I’m also a writer, having been a copywriter for major winery websites, as well as the freelance-sort of writer who once lived in Italy and tried to be an expat “living the dream,” of writing all day, drinking espresso, and being in love with an Italian Stallion. It was awesome.

I love exploring the interwebs for other artists, and seeing what other illustrators/makers/designers are up to. Portland is a wealth of art, with the city brimming with youth, artistic courage and exploration, and I love it.

You can find my work here, on Instagram @eventide, and soon my children’s books on Amazon.

Why do you publish children’s books on Amazon? Especially board books? Aren’t they better in real life? 

Good question!

a) it’s way easier! I can write, paint, and create and quickly get books up for your kiddos to explore and enjoy. It’s more fun for me. 🙂

b) Kids are using ipads more and more lately, so these little stories and pictures are traditional in the sense that there aren’t any bells and whistles (not apps!) but they’re super cute and fun to read, and they’re immediately accessible.

c) some kids can’t leave their hospital rooms or beds easily, and instead of worrying about going out and buying new books, I put them on Amazon so they’re available immediately. I used to volunteer with pediatric oncology (kids with cancer) and books on the iPad are IDEAL for those kinds of situations. And a thousand others where something new is nice.

What tools do you love? 


Prang. They’re awesome. They’re like watercolor markers, they’re super soft, they have a ton of colors, and they’re inexpensive. Get yourself a whole darn huge pack! You’ll love ’em.

Bicycle Illustration by Paige Lehmann
Ready to ride a bike? 

Staedtler, triplus fineliners. These are great for detailed work, and they come in girlie colors. I love the nice selection and the look and feel.

Let's go to the city!
Let’s go to the city!

What are you currently working on? 

Two chapter books! One in the finals stages of editing (finally!) and the other I still have to write that pesky ending for. Ah!

One long, hand-illustrated project that I started last year and, compiling together, realized I have over 60 pages completed! OMG! What am I gonna do with it? I dunno, put it on Amazon!

A few very fun board books/children’s books, that I’m illustrating, sharing online, and that will soon (fingers crossed!) be up for your perusal and purchase on Amazon.

And… there’s always a project in the works! Come back and see what’s new any time. 🙂

Thanks for checking out my site! Feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.