Drawing Goats

I finally put pen to paper again, and it felt soooo good.

Like, if I ever wondered what my life’s purpose entailed, well, it entails drawing. Drawing, writing, other people.

In this image, I’m going to use the lower goat and have it brush the bear, instead. The first goat is more like a study/practice. You have to practice drawing goats, sometimes, to get it right. 😉

When I  pressed the pen to the page and dragged it across, leaving my own marks, making progress on my own little books, it felt like my heart swelled up and did a jig and and I got a little teary. And I giggled a whole heck of a lot, because that’s what I do: I make drawings that make me laugh.

I’d been dragging my feet for a long time, because I have this little book about a Billy Goat that needed to be illustrated. And I didn’t know how to draw a goat, and I wasn’t sure I liked the book (though most kids like it!) and yada, yada, yada, a million reasons why I can’t do it. Mainly, because I can’t draw a goat.

Amazing how we let one little thought stop a whole production. I hadn’t drawn anything in over a month because I believed that I couldn’t draw a goat. And if I couldn’t do that, then I couldn’t draw anything. Also, I didn’t have the time. This is partially true. At the end of the day, when I’m soooo tired, I have time to read articles and blog posts about cleaning houses and time to like a thousand pics on Instagram. But time to draw? Takes up too much head space, is too hard, means I have to get upstairs to my desk, and have to clear it off, and have to draw a goat, and I can’t do that.

Well, turns out I CAN draw goats, after all. In fact, you can draw anything, if you put your mind to it and then, maybe, if you turn your mind off and let it be. I just Googled “Billy  Goat,” saw a picture or few, and voila: a cartoon goat. One washing some pigeons, one brushing a bear. One passed out on a pile of cupcakes.

Now look at that picture: I was embarrassed to show it on my Instagram, because the pig doesn’t look all professional. I would also, ordinarily in the past, have let that derail all progress. No one can ever, ever see this book, EVER because THE PIG DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT!!! IT LOOKS LIKE AN AMATEUR ARTIST DREW IT! AHAHAHAHAH!

Dude, who cares? No child in the world, that’s who. And even adults don’t care. They might see it and think, ‘hm, that pig doesn’t look professional.” Ha. What adults like are little drawings that make them laugh. They don’t really care if it looks perfect. And if it does? Then they see it and it’s over. If it doesn’t, it makes them stop and think.

So happy to be writing and drawing and doing, and working toward my goal of being a writerly-sort of person who shares her work with others. One of the moms who ordered a book package from me sent me a video of her little girl reading the books aloud! Ah, melt my heart! And of course she was reading the lion one, because that’s the only illustrated one I’ve given out. Kids just love, love, love pictures.

So that’s my goal: get these little beauties illustrated and out into the world. Take action. Do it. Become it. Love my life.


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