Beauty for the Soul. And chocolate.

What does blogging get you?

You can read articles about how blogging can change your life. For me, with this tiny germination of a blog that I’ve been offhandedly working on for years, it’s brought me one small, wonderful thing so far: chocolate.

Well, chocolate and experiences. Both major benefits to life.

The chocolate is from Enchanté, a chocolatier here in Oregon. After all, if you can’t go to Eurochocolate, it doesn’t mean that you can’t surround yourself with delectable, chocolatey things. And this place is magic. I had to go there, for this blog. For research. For experience. To enrich this mama life. Thank goodness, then, for Wonderful is Wonderful. Maybe that’ll be my excuse for every wonderful experience I “have,” to do.

“For research, honey,” I say to the husband. “We must.”

When you walk into Enchanté, the air will strike you with sugar. It smells like sweet, warm, vanilla sugar and, of course, deep chocolate. What will also strike you is the beauty: this place looks like an antique-store-meets-parisian-department store at Easter.

I realized, a few days ago, that beauty fills the soul. It absolutely and totally fills the soul’s longing. Someone important to me once said, posthumously (that’s when I found his notes), “Art fills the Void.” Well, so does beauty, mon amie. So does beauty.

We were at this antique bar that was no bigger than an old elevator when it hit me. The music was classical and lilting, the lights low, every detail meant to recreate some European enchantment. The seats: a small bench, three tables, a few chairs with tea lights. A mahogany bar, and the classic antiquated mirror behind it, the beautiful collection of bottles. The hanging lights. The striped wall paper. And it felt like a religious balm; a relief. Like, God is in beauty, and God is in comfort. The relief that washed over me, as I stood in the bar, surrounded by music and beauty, was incredible. And needed. And surprising.

And so, after a rough night prior, and what can seem like days with no soul stretching or artistic work, choosing to center oneself in a place of beauty is thing of reverence.

It’s soul play.

It’s why we “go to there,” in this blog, in real life.

Enchante was like that. It was also delicious. 

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