Art in the Yard

Paige Lehmann, illustrator

A friend of mine is putting together an “art show,” in her friend’s backyard in a couple of weeks. What a great idea, too. Just like a garden party with good drinks, good people, art, and a beautiful backyard setting on one of the rare warm, summer nights in Portland.

She asked me to design the Facebook cover photo for the event and to make a little flier for her, because I’m the “illustrator” in the group. I felt inadequate to say the least, as all of my drawings are cartoons and some of the artists are incredibly accomplished, dramatic painters. Wouldn’t a painting be better than a cartoon drawing of a backyard? Or of a cute, cartoon rat painting in the backyard? Omg, I actually have a little illustration like that somewhere! I’ll have to dig it up, scan it, and make a t-shirt. 

Anyways, as my house is filled with commotion at the moment and free-time is limited at best, I had to repurpose some of my other illustrations and work with them. Nice, because I finally scanned them and can use them now for other things. Also nice because I did do a little drawing and sketching for this, which is good for the soul.

Here are the two cover photos that I gave her to choose from. The bird image is from the Henri Dribbles project I’ve been working on for two years, and the lady with the bird in her hair is a drawing of my mother. Though she doesn’t know that and it really doesn’t look like her at all? But the spirit is there. It’s like a dream where you see someone you don’t recognize at all but, in the dream, you know they’re your brother, or best friend, or close whoever to you. In that way, and as I drew it, I knew it was her.

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