Pocket Woods

Sweet Love,

What world will be here for you to grow in, learn in, explore and discover? The world is so huge and so small. Maybe you’ll get lost in the woods, or just enjoy a moment when you’re in the woods, surrounded by tall pines, the grey skies overhead seen through the branches. Pine needles underfoot. Your clothes are for hiking. The air is crisp. You hear a bird, you know that in this moment the world is huge but also very small. Just you, there, in the woods.

Sometimes I think this way when you’re in the bath (I’m sitting next to the bath, sometimes playing with you, sometimes checking my phone. Once or twice I brought my computer in to edit photos while you were bathing but closed it with dissatisfaction. Bath time is your time and I don’t want to miss it). When it’s just you, in some water with some toys, and me, in a shower/tub plastic shell, surrounded by house, surrounded by the vibrant city all around us. With the people and the moving and activities. We’re a pocket in that.

But the world is so much bigger and smaller. So many more people, worlds, environments, and countries polluting or not polluting (as much). And the temperatures are rising and the bees are dying and I feel next to helpless when it comes to helping you live the same quality of life, environmental quality and happiness that I did. Thank Goodness California decided to drastically reduce emissions, and a lot of people and companies have decided to act on their (correct) belief that climate change is real.

I was getting a panic attack thinking about this, and am glad to write it down, leaving my fears on the page.

  • Your Mama

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