Dear Darling,

Today you were bashful for the first time. I took you along Alberta and we entered a few stores, and when a sales lady commented on your stylish straw fedora, you hid your face in my shoulder. Then, when we visited your dad at his office, you tensed up on the elevator and clinged to me, which you’d never done before, and hid from the other passenger. Then, when we all went to get coffee and strangers on the sidewalk commented on your hat, you hid from them, too. So cute! Your hat is pretty dapper and people enjoyed it on you. You were adorable today. Your grandma said that your dad was shy when he was little and used to hide behind her legs. I wonder if you’ll do the same?

You were delighted to visit daddy. Delighted. Like it was Disneyland, or Christmas Day. What? Daddy? Daddy! You sat on his desk, on top of his papers which were sprawled out everywhere, and smiled so much! It’s kind of rare that I get to see you smile so much. Rare and wonderful. You’re a very stoic baby. I can tell when you’re cold or in pain by the expression on your face and your face gets red from the cold… but not by any sound. You never tell us.

I also took you to the field today and sat you among the flowers and lush, green grass and took your picture. You were amazed and happy to be in the field, your first time enjoying the great outdoors. I’d taken you once before, but you couldn’t sit up and you definitely didn’t enjoy it. This time, you looked around and smiled hugely and were like, “what is this marvelous place?” Maybe you were just in a good mood today.

What is this marvelous place?

We were up all night last night. IF ONLY YOUR DAD WOULD STOP SNORING. Seriously. He kept waking us both up all night long.

I love you, boo. I had a few hard days and bring myself back to the realization that this is a miracle. You’re so tiny, and it’s such an incredible experience to be with you, to tend to you, to share your life and experience of the world. You, baby. You.

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