Perpetuate Better Living

A few months ago, my friend gave me a Ninkasi Beer sweatshirt that says “Perpetuate Better Living” across the front. I totally missed the point then but, just recently, I somehow awoke to the true meaning, and it’s been haunting me ever since.

Perpetuate Better Living. It’s not just a tagline for beer. It’s a way of life. And my friend exudes that kind of life. She knows how to turn situations around and how to really enjoy life and to delve into the things she loves. I want to make a print of the phrase and hang it by the door, so I see it every time I leave the house. Perpetuate Better Living. Choose to enjoy life.

And there’s so much of it to enjoy, and there are so many ways we can live better. You know how they say that many small actions lead to big change? There are thousands of small things you can do and choices you can make to have a better experience of life.

For example, this is small, but, are you listening to your favorite music? Did you stretch? I’m home a lot with a baby and realized that our house is pretty silent, so I put on some of my favorite music and the babes and I danced. And now that’s part of what we do. But I did it because I was thinking of the phrase and wondering, ‘How can I enhance this moment?’

Maybe that’s a massaging of the tagline. Enhance the moment.

You can remember to eat lunch, or make yourself eat something healthy. Turn off the TV. Go for a walk or run. Get more sleep. Wear lipstick. Treat yourself. Do your nails. Call friends. Speak kindly to yourself.

There’s an extension to others in the tagline, too. Perpetuate. So reach out. The friend who gave me the shirt is constantly giving to others, and so is her fiance. My closest friends are all givers, sometimes almost to their detriment. There’s also the important element of enhancing others’ ability to achieve their dreams, and live their lives well.

What if you treat life like it were a wonderful party at your house, and you’re the hostess. You’re cleaning up and decorating — changing your life — to gear for this party — your better living. Then, when all of your friends and people in your life are there, you’re like the hostess, passing out drinks and champagne and getting everyone talking and ensuring they have a good time. That’s perpetuating better living beyond yourself.

Maybe that’s the point to life.

I’ve been through a lot in this life. The phrase makes me laugh a little, as it’s been soooooo much. From important people dying to, well, let’s stop there. It’s easy to let the drudgery of life take over. To forget to do the simple things, like stretch, turn on music, eat. But it’s all there, for you, waiting for you to choose to make your life that much better. Drink water. Go outside. Wear your favorite shirt/outfit. A thousand little options are all just waiting for you to turn them on, to enhance the life you’re walking through.

Perpetuate better living. Life is and can be so much better. Why not enjoy this experience as much as possible, while you’re in it?

That’s what I want to remind myself every day, and what I want to consciously live through. That’s now my motto, my being.


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