Happy Valentine’s Day

So what’s up with these Valentines?!

101 to be Exact.

wonderfuliswonderful valentines
You put the Hot in Pink

What’s it about?

It’s about Love.  About my friends, and other beautiful women like them, loving themselves and feeling loved and appreciated. That’s what it’s about.

Aside from Valentine’s Day being my absolute favorite holiday. I always passed out Valentines to my friends. I didn’t care about the “romantic” aspect of the day–I cared about my friends feeling loved. So in high-school, college, and beyond… my friends got Valentines from me, telling them that I love them.

101 Valentines
Love You, Babe

And while filling out a questionnaire about the future, and what I want in the future, two important concepts kept circling back to me.

The question was asked several times in different ways: What two things are important to you?

My answers: Animals and My Friends Loving Themselves

Which felt silly. My friends loving themselves? What kind of answer is that? And what can I do about it?

Well… Valentines. I can make reminders of how awesome they are. And I can make a collection of these love tokens. Tokens to reflect back at them how beautiful they are, how creative they are, how stylish, filled with life, etc. I can make and send them valentines.

101 Valentines - Process

And… projects like these help you gain practice in the arts. With this, I’ll get some good hand-lettering practice. I’ll learn more about watercolors, guache, different papers, pens, etc. I’ll be posting on social media. And, hopefully, I’ll have some beautiful prints to share. Beautiful tokens to give out. Some Valentine’s packages to use and give to my friends. Things for others to purchase for their amazing friends, too, to share the love. I’ll have something more to offer to the world.

So, yes, Valentines. And I’m loving it.

I love the process. I love encouraging more love in my life. And I love thinking of my girlfriends as I make these. It’s a win-win-win all around.

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