Finished & Happy to Sketch!!!

Ah…. I * finally * finished illustrating my children’s book!!! The World’s BEST Auntie ~or~ My Favorite Auntie!!!!!!!

It feels so good to finish it, and it felt so draining working hard on it–yesterday I had an intense illustrating session and, at the end, felt like my brain had melted–much like it felt after studying for hours for nursing school (so glad that’s over).

Yet, it’s still not finished. I now get to scan it, color it in, do the calligraphy/hand lettering, then put it all together and make it an Amazon Best Seller. Ha. 🙂 My goal is, you know, oh, a hundred or so of these books on Amazon. Think it could happen? And why not iBooks, too? And the printed page, and the Etsy zine, and etc. etc. etc. Just make the work, then put it out there and let people purchase if they like. E voila! A working creative artist.

Things that really helped me on this journey:

Nerdette Podcast 

Videos of Lisa Congden and her whole story. And… she lives in Portland now?!?! Wish we knew each other!

Articles about Sketchbook Drawing


Now I get to do something I’ve been LONGING FOR for two days now… or a week now… or longer… sketching the plants around my gardens, and working in the Henri series. Because I miss just doing, and not having to have the illustrations be perfect.

Much love!

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