Are you a Creative Person?

Wow, what a big deal! Hopefully this post will eventually be buried by a thousand other posts about art, life, and illustration. But this is the first one, and it has to be written, to get it out of the way!

Are you a Creative Person?

I think the answer is YES, we’re all creative people. Your propensity might be for cooking, or interior decorating, or drawing, or writing, but somewhere inside is your creative… synchronicity. That thing you do well, and that you know you do well.

Danielle LaPorte, in her interview with Gala Darling, tackles that question, as well, when she talks about people feeling “totally clueless,” because, she says, that we all know what lights us up… and that we need to just believe that we already know the answer.

I always knew that my answer is writing and illustrating, though I also always felt like a loser about it. Argh! Like, untrained (mostly–took a lot of art classes a long time ago) and a TOTAL perfectionist when it comes to writing, which lead to nothing getting released, ever. And a complete feeling of lack and feeling like a failure. This blog, in fact, is part of the beginning of crawling out of that and taking my art seriously.

Maybe that’s the hint, or answer, right there. You are a creative person, and it’s up to you to take that creativity to the next level by allowing yourself to do it. To give it light. To let yourself paint, make art, do the podcast, learn to code, whatever. To let yourself do it, and to let yourself be. who. you. are.

So, short answer, yes. Yes, you are. Long answer: are you, if you don’t do it? Well, it’s within you, but it will take time, and your life experiences, to bring it out. That’s the long form, because that will take years. But then what? Massive life improvement.

You’ll see.


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